Hi, my name is Brianna, the candle-maker behind Swoon Candles. 

Swoon Candles started with an at home date night with my husband (very necessary in the years 2020/2021). We got an inexpensive soy candle making kit and went to work to make an amazing candle!

And we failed. We did everything wrong and ended up with a terrible candle that smelled gross.

But it did inspire me to do my research and find out WHY it failed. 

Now I know that soy candles must be made with quality ingredients. And that the temperature that the wax melts and the fragrance is added, are precise. And that I must only use the best fragrance oils. Because the #1 rule is that a candle must smell amazing or else what's the point?

I am so proud to share these candles with you. They are all hand-poured by me using 100% soy wax and the best smelling fragrances. 




Discover Your New Favourite Scent