3 Tips To Make Your Candle Last

So, you've got an amazing new candle (preferably from Big Swoon Candles!) and you are ready to fill your home with delicious scents. Here are 3 tips to make that candle last:


1. Keep your candle burning for more than a few minutes, but less than four hours. 

If you only burn your candle for a few minutes, the wax won't melt to the edge of the containers. Then, the next time the candle is burned it won't reach the edges and you'll end up with a tunnel effect- where the wax just burns in the middle and the wick keeps burning lower and lower. It's a waste of the candle, and frankly, it just looks u g l y. However, burning for more than 4 hours can be dangerous and lead to exploding candles. Sounds dramatic... but it can happen!


2. ALWAYS trim your wick. 

Fun fact: candle wicks should always be at 1/4 inch. Why? This length will get you the best flame. If the wick is too long, you can get soot forming on the wick and it can fall into the wax. It's also not safe as it can lead to smoke or the flame burning too high which can be a safety hazard.  You can get a handy wick trimmer, like I have, or you can use this hack: wait for the candle to cool fully and then turn it upside down. Using a tissue, remove the charred part. You're ready for the next light!


3. Let candle cool completely before lighting again.

Finally, relighting your candle before it's cooled completely can result in uneven wax. Uneven wax = wasted wax. And nobody wants that! 



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